Serenity Auto Insurance


930 West Second Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201

Company Profile: Serenity Auto Insurance

Serenity Insurance was founded by Thomas A. Black to primarily serve drivers with alcohol related offenses. The company understands an alcohol related offense both from a societal point of view, as well as from the offender’s perspective. The company acts as a resource to answer questions related to SR-22 insurance, while providing affordable auto rates. Serenity operates in 47 states and is one of the top providers of high risk auto insurance.

Serenity is committed to providing excellent quality service, while maintaining each customer’s complete confidentiality. The company only works with auto insurance companies that have both sound financial ratings and competitive prices. Quotes can be requested online, by e-mail, and through a customer service representative. Serenity’s website offers live support, a resource center, a glossary of insurance terms, frequently asked questions, a DUI survival guide, DUI penalties state by state, and numerous articles on various aspects of auto insurance.

Auto Insurance Customers

Serenity Insurance specializes in providing auto insurance for high-risk and preferred drivers. The company will offer coverage for single and multiple DUI, DWI offenders, financial responsibility cases, too many tickets, and SR-22 requirements.

Types of Auto Coverage
•    Bodily Injury and Liability
•    Collision
•    Comprehensive

Financial Performance and Rating

Serenity Insurance is a privately held company and no employee or financial information was available.

States Served

•    Serenity Auto Insurance
o    Alabama
o    Arizona
o    Arkansas
o    California
o    Colorado
o    Connecticut
o    Delaware
o    Florida
o    Georgia
o    Idaho
o    Illinois
o    Indiana
o    Iowa
o    Kansas
o    Kentucky
o    Louisiana
o    Maine
o    Maryland
o    Michigan
o    Minnesota
o    Mississippi
o    Missouri
o    Montana
o    Nebraska
o    New Hampshire
o    New Jersey
o    New Mexico
o    New York
o    Nevada
o    North Carolina
o    North Dakota
o    Ohio
o    Oklahoma
o    Oregon
o    Pennsylvania
o    Rhode Island
o    South Carolina
o    South Dakota
o    Tennessee
o    Texas
o    Utah
o    Vermont
o    Virginia
o    Washington
o    West Virginia
o    Wisconsin
o    Wyoming

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