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70 Pine St.
New York, NY 10270

Company Profile: AIG Direct

AIG Direct is part of the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) family of companies. AIG Direct specializes in offering auto insurance countrywide. AIG is one of the world’s largest insurance firms both domestically and abroad. Currently, AIG is serving individuals and businesses in over 130 countries.

AIG Direct prides itself on providing competitive rates and products for its auto insurance customers. In addition, the company has award winning customer service and a JD Power and Associates Certified Call Center. Customer service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Auto Insurance Customers

AIG Direct is willing to provide auto insurance policies to all customers. However, the company will still ultimately decide whether to provide auto coverage on a case to case basis.

Types of Auto Coverage
•    Bodily Injury and Liability
•    Collision
•    Comprehensive

Additions to Policies (Riders)
•    Car Rental
•    Towing
•    Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist

Financial Performance and Rating

For the most recent year, AIG had 106,000 employees, $113 billion in revenue, $21 billion in operating income, and $14 billion in net income.

•    A.M. Best: A+ (superior)
•    Fitch: AA (low credit risk)
•    Moody’s: Aa2 (excellent quality, low credit risk)

States Served

•    AIG Direct
o    Alabama
o    Alaska
o    Arizona
o    Arkansas
o    California
o    Colorado
o    Connecticut
o    Delaware
o    District of Columbia
o    Florida
o    Georgia
o    Hawaii
o    Idaho
o    Illinois
o    Indiana
o    Iowa
o    Kansas
o    Kentucky
o    Louisiana
o    Maine
o    Maryland
o    Michigan
o    Minnesota
o    Mississippi
o    Missouri
o    Montana
o    Nebraska
o    Nevada
o    New Hampshire
o    New Jersey
o    New Mexico
o    New York
o    North Carolina
o    North Dakota
o    Ohio
o    Oklahoma
o    Oregon
o    Pennsylvania
o    Rhode Island
o    South Carolina
o    South Dakota
o    Tennessee
o    Texas
o    Utah
o    Vermont
o    Virginia
o    Washington
o    West Virginia
o    Wisconsin
o    Wyoming

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